MobileCoach Exercise 3

Images, Timed-answers, and Calculations

In this third exercise, you will integrate an image, a short quiz, and a calculation into a dialog. If you get stuck, use the documentation, the video tutorials for intervention authors or the MobileCoach user forum (see links at the end).

Step 1: Create a new Micro Dialog "MCAssignment3". Go to the Rules tab, expand the "Execution on USER INTENTION" tree and click edit on the rule "$participantIntention text value equals go". Select your created Micro Dialog from the dropdown "Micro Dialog to start".

Step 2: Create a new variable "$points" in the Variable tab. The default value should be 0. We will use this variable for the calculation.

Step 3: Harry/Sally is eager to send you a picture and asks about your opinion. The participant has to answer within 60 seconds to provide his/her opinion about the picture. Thus, please add a short message that explains the "time-to-answer" details to the participant (e.g. "I will show you a picture and ask you something about it. You have then 60 seconds for your answer."). Moreover, please add the following answer options (e.g. "Ok, I guess?", "Fantastic image!") and save the selected answer in a new variable. Please also store in the very same variable the "noAnswer" if the participant does not answer within 60 seconds. Please set the response time to 60 seconds, respectively.

Step 4: Depending on the participant's response, the $points variable will need to be changed. Add a decision point, in which $points will be incremented by 20 (for the "Ok, I guess?" answer), by 100 (for the "Fantastic image!" answer) or do nothing (in case no answer was provided).

Step 5: Harry/Sally should finally communicate a message with the points depending on the two answer options / whether an answer was provided. For example, if the participant has not answered the question, the message could be "Oops, that was too late, $points points, sorry.".

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