The Open Source Digital Intervention Platform

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Digital health interventions

MobileCoach was developed as on open-source platform for the design of scalable digital health interventions.

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Chat-based coaching

Simple to participate in the intervention thanks to a chat-based approach similar to common communication tips.

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Rule-based logic

The structure of a digital intervention is rule-based and visualized via the MobileCoach Designer. Therefore no programming knowledge is required.

MobileCoach Mobile App

Mobile App written in React Native and available for Android and iOS. It's chat-based and has many features, like media library, FAQ, etc.

The Mobile App is used by the participant of the digital intervention.

MobileCoach Web Designer

The 'brain' of the digital intervention. Here you can create your rule-based intervention, add variables, export data etc.

The Designer is used by the intervention designer / researcher.

MobileCoach Web Cockpit

The Cockpit can be used to monitor the participants of the intervention. Additionally you can chat directly with the participant in a second channel.

The Cockpit is mostly used by additional health professionals, researcher or general study supporter.