Setting up the mobile app


  • Administrator permissions
  • Installed Git

Please follow the React Native CLI Quickstart Guide for your desired development/target OS. If you do that correctly, you're ready to deploy this repository.


Cloning the repository

git clone
cd mobilecoach-mobile-app

Setting the config file

  • First open the config file (Path: App/Config/AppConfig.js) in an editor.
  • Change the intervention variables to the information of the created or existing intervention.
  • Change the remote URL variables to the host you want to connect.
interventionPattern: '[INTERVENTION-NAME]', // name of the intervention you want to connect
interventionPassword: '[DEEPSTREAM-CLIENT-PASSWORD]', // also in the intervention dashboard
remoteDeepstreamURL: 'wss://[HOSTNAME]/deepstream',
remoteRestURL: 'https://[HOSTNAME]/PMCP/api/v02/',
remoteMediaURL: 'https://[HOSTNAME]/PMCP/files/',

For example:

interventionPattern: 'WORKSHOP',
interventionPassword: 'workshop',
remoteDeepstreamURL: 'wss://',
remoteRestURL: '',
remoteMediaURL: '',

All other variables are explained HERE

Changing the project name and the App identifier


This needs to be changed if you want to use push notifications and/or publish the app.

First you have to open your mobilecoach-client folder in the terminal. You can simply rename almost all of the needed files.

react-native-rename "[NEW-PROJECT-NAME]" -b [NEW-APP-IDENTIFIER]
watchman watch-del-all

For example:

react-native-rename "WorkshopClient" -b ch.ethz.workshop.test.client
watchman watch-del-all

Additional Todo for Android:
Open the google-services file in (Path: android/app/google-services.json). Edit the package name on line 13.

"package_name": "[NEW-APP-IDENTIFIER]"

For example:

"package_name": "ch.ethz.workshop.test.client"

react-native-rename works for MacOS users and it may not work for other platforms. If you are using Windows or Linux, please try this instruction.

Installing all dependencies

You have to be in the mobilecoach-client folder.

yarn install
cd ios/ && pod install
cd ..

Starting the metro bundler

In a new tab of your terminal, run the following command in the mobilecoach-client folder. This should start the metro bundler.

yarn start

Running the app


Important: A connected smartphone or an installed emulator is required.

yarn android

OR running it for instance on an iPhone Simulator

yarn ios


  • Presence of a .git file in the project folders in node_modules would produce an error when executing yarn commands. Please remove them as shown below.
cd node_modules/react-native-push-notification
rm -r .git/
cd ..
cd react-native-restart
rm -r .git/
  • Building failed because of " Unable to delete directory pathToPackage" Execute the following commands:
cd android
gradlew clean
cd ..