User intentions

User intentions are sent from the mobile app. These intents can be catched and reacted to. There exist several user intentions, only the 'go' intention is kind of mandatory.

In general you can add user intention rules in 'Rules' --> 'Execution on USER INTENTION'. To add a user intention you need these two variables:

  • $participantIntention (intention name like 'go', 'platform' etc.)
  • $participantIntentionContent (intention content like 'ios' or 'android')

All intentions explained

IntentionSent valueExplanation
gono valueThis will be sent when the participant clicks on 'Let's go!' after the coach selection. You need to catch this to start your intervention/micro-dialogs. No value is sent with it.
coachselected coach nameThis will be sent after the participant selected a coach.
platformios or androidThis will be sent directly when the participant opens the app. There are for now two possible values: “ios” and “android”.
languageselected languageThis will be sent after the participant selected a language.
access-token-observeraccess token observerIt is needed for the web cockpit.
access-token-participantaccess token participantIt is needed for the web cockpit.
web-completedno valueThis will close the webview. It is used for Limesurvey integration.

Example of implemented intention rules


Example of 'go' intention

Intention GO

Example of 'platform' intention

Intention Platform 1

Intention Platform 2