Change design / coaches


There are several ways how to change the design of the apps. We show you the easiest ones here.

Change colors/images in Brand.js

You can find the file here: App -> Themes -> Brand.js This file is like a top-level configuration of your app colors.


The brand.js file has to be revised, it's not logical/self-explanatory anymore ๐Ÿ˜…...

Description of all color codes:

const brand = {
colors: {
// Main color (onboarding, header, icons)
primary: '#2c3e50',
// not used
primaryText: '#fff',
// chat - active answer bubbles colors
buttonBackground: '#3498db',
// Main text color (onboarding, active user bubbles)
buttonText: '#fff',
// not used
backgroundMain: '#fff',
// text color in sidemenu, faq, settings
textMain: '#3c3c3c',
// background color of the chatbot bubbles
background1: '#f7f7f7',
// text color in the chatbot bubbles
text1: '#2c3e50',
// background color of the non-active (chat history) user bubbles
background2: '#2c3e50',
// text color in the non-active (chat-history) user bubbles
text2: '#fff',
// title of infocards/medialibrary
grey1: '#525252',
// subtitle in infocard/medialibrary, date/time on top of chat
grey2: '#9B9B9B',
// background color in infocards, medialibrary, faq, settings
grey3: '#F8F8F8'
images: {
// used in startScreen (onboarding) and on top of the sidemenu
logo: require('../Images/app_logo.png'),
// used in the startScreen (onboarding) and at the bottom of the sidemenu
poweredBy: require('../Images/powered_by.png'),
// chat background image, should be repetitive. Used in both chats as background.
chatBackground: require('../Images/Chat/bg.png')

In the file 'Colors.js' you'll find the colors in more detail.

Changing coaches

Changing name

To change the name, you have to go in the language files you use. Adapt the following lines:

"Coaches": {
"0": "Lukas",
"1": "Anna"

Changing avatar image

The coach avatars needs to be in this format:

  • minumum of 300x300 pixel
  • .png format
  • round cut out and white background

You can make a avatar with several tools like this Avatarmaker

Put the images in the App -> Images folder and link them in the Images.js file.

coaches: [